Friday, December 22, 2006

Four Boxes Gone...with Guilt

I had four boxes of my sister's stuff from ages ago (long story short, I took a storage unit full of my, my mom's and my sister's stuff to my house to store. I've been getting rid of it slowing or returning it to the owners, and had these four boxes left). We took a trip to see family for Solstice/Christmas the past 5 days, and I filled half my car's trunk with her boxes.

I had left her a message that we were coming (didn't mention the boxes, that was a fairly last minute decision), but didn't hear back.

Turns out, she's moving. I just brought her more stuff at the time when she's about to move. Instant guilt overcome me. And to add to it, she casually said 'Why didn't you just get rid of that stuff?'. Um, asking a HOARDER if I could have just 'gotten rid of' another's stuff? Well, she doesn't have this disease, thank the Deities.

So, I feel that I did my duty by returning her things. If she chooses to sell, donate, trash, those boxes, that's all right. They're hers to dispose of or keep.

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