Saturday, February 14, 2009

Family clean-up

Last night, my sweetie went out for a beer with a friend. So it was just us girls back at the homestead. I got an itch to clean up the basement. We still had the Christmas bins (red & green lidded bins we use for lights, ornaments, tree skirt and stockings) and various other boxes, bins and bits of junk.

I took the Christmas bins to the garage. We keep them in the garage attic, but I can't get them up there by myself. They're at the foot of the stairs though, so they are ready to go up.

I broke down the boxes that had accumulated and took them out to recycling.

I ran three loads of laundry, folding and putting everything away as soon as the dryer stopped.

And, here's the big one. The little one, only 5, decided to wash the basement stairs. Now I do vacuum them several times a week when the dust and cat hair accumulates, but man did they need a wash. On her own, she found a container, added soapy water and using a sponge, washed all the stairs. Now they sparkle! What a kid!


Anonymous said...

How about posting a picture? kcn

Friend said...

Glad I could help provide incentive to clean up the basement!

BTW, we had a good visit over beer as well.

chaotic kitten said...

What a kid indeed! Brilliant :)