Sunday, April 19, 2009


Today we all pitched in to clean our carport. Due to the slope of our driveway, random garbage along with leaves, piles up along the edges of the carport. I park my car there, and we store the kids' bikes, the grill, the cat litter and the hose there. So when the junk and leaves and general crapola piles up, it makes parking a challenge.

Sweetie pulled my car out of the way, then we dug in. We swept out the leaves and threw away the garbage. Broke down some random cardboard boxes that had been tossed out there. My car has a minor oil leak and I poured some clay cat litter on the oil spot.

It's much nicer now and it only took us ninety minutes. No pictures, forgot the befores and now am too tired to go out and take afters.

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