Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Decluttering the Bar

What do you do with those odd bottles of partially used liquors and liquers? Take Life with a Grain of Chocolate recently decluttered her bar, which made me think of this great party tip.

If you find youself with odd bottles of alcohol, one way to dispose of it is to have a "Weird Drinks" party. Invite folks to bring the weird stuff they have hanging around in their drinks cupboard, you supply the mixers (seltzer, tonic, limes & lemons, grenadine, bitters, simple syrup and ice) and have a Mr. Boston or similar guide on hand. Fun will ensue!

It's a great way to declutter those odd bottles and the drink combinations will ensure that great conversation is had by all.


Anonymous said...

Time? Date? Sounds like an event waiting to happen!

And, and excuse to trade one pain rememdy for another...

Your limping MIL

Anonymous said...

invite my boyfriend, he'll always help declutter your drinks cabinet, no matter how obscure the alcohol... cheers

Caitlin @ Clutter Cubed said...

What a neat idea! Get rid of bottles cluttering up your cabinet, and have a very fun (and cheap!) evening with friends in one go!