Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Still there is too much

I haven't been doing much dedicated decluttering lately. I've taken on some new responsibilities and haven't had as much time to focus on it (yes, I know, 15 minutes at a time!).

Still, there have been donation deliveries to Goodwill. I've donated a few things to the local school auction. I've avoided new purchases.

So, essentially, not much to report.


worrier said...

Right now my family is trying to get to the same point you are at. We are so confused right now with many changes. In my house my dad is the main hoarder. I would love to know for you what is the thing that keeps you going?

MetaGrrrl said...

Even the little sprints help!

worrier, try thinking about letting go of stuff as making room for awesomeness. The better life wants to be visible to you, it's just hidden behind some junk that isn't helping.

Sprints are the big one to get me over the hump. Getting started is the hardest part, but when you know you're just committing a little bit of your day, it's easier. You don't have to solve everything, just give life a nudge in the right direction. Sprints can be of time (say 15 minutes) or space (filling a grocery sack with recycling, trash, or charity donations) or category (walking around with the bin and recycling all the catalogs).

My holiday Discardia now has a group on Facebook, by the way, at facebook.com/discardia and you can get ideas and support there or by following @discardia on Twitter.

Here's to steady progress in the direction of a more satisfying life!


Capital Junk said...

In our business we see customers daily trying to clear out the junk and create more space.
It can be an ongoing process for some but taking it 15 minutes at a time will eventually give you the results you want!


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