Monday, December 03, 2007

Keeping it Simple for the Holidays

This year, we won't be putting lights up on the house. Too much ladder work, and my husband doesn't want to do it. Since I don't want to go up on a ladder either, well, that's that. In a year when we're more flush in the pocket, I'd love to hire one of those companies that come and put up your lights. If they installed permanent hooks, even better.

We compromise though by decorating the fence that surrounds our front yard with lights. For Halloween, I put up purple and orange lights. The other day, I dug out our Christmas stash. Found out that the icicle lights had bit the dust so to speak. I have about 24 feet of them that work, and since I really don't want to buy more lights, I'll fill in with some of the coloured ones that we have for the tree. There are always a few extra strands left after we decorate the tree so we should be fine.

I had a lovely pewter Advent candle holder last year, but it wasn't well designed and spilled wax onto the white-painted mantle. This year, I'm using four small glass tealight holders in a row. They hold three purple and one pink tealight. It's close enough. The photograph is of my mom with older daughter (at age 3), shopping downtown at Christmas time. The dry-looking things are palms from Palm Sunday.


clutter buddy said...

The decorating sounds lovely. And I love that picture. I'm sure it's making her smile. :)

Marta said...

Just to say that I discovered your blog through searching for a recent news story on either CBS, ABC or NBC on simplifying housing needs.
Never found it, but came across your blog on ABCNews. I had a hunch there were some decluttering/simplifying blogs out there, but had not managed to find one. And of course through yours, I've discovered others.
It's very motivating to read about your progress and I can relate to most of what you post - I live in Central Canada and have donated almost identical boxes to yours, of vintage chrome kitchen containers, wool, patterns, fabric, bread machine (?), stuff I was going to resell one day or just loved to hoard/collect - but of course never got to and never will.
Also lost my dear Mom earlier this year, and had to do major decluttering when we put our townhouse for sale in order to move into her house.
Anyhow, I could go on and on. Look forward to reading more about your progress and posting occasionally.