Friday, November 30, 2007

So Much Wasted Thought

Sometimes when I'm in a store, I'll glance at a product for sale and in an instant, change my focus. It's as if a switch were thrown, and I start asking questions, such as...
"Who designed this? Who chose the colors? Who decided it would be a good addition to the world to make this product?"

For every single product out there, someone had to make these decisions. An actual person designed a mold for that plastic doo-dad you saw in the Dollar Store. A real live human had to choose the colors for the (lead) paint that covers it. Another person had to design the packaging, and arrange to have the items fabricated.

Whole rooms full of people (likely Chinese, but perhaps Indonesian, Thai or Vietnamese) created the items that stock our shelves.

When you go into a store, think about these questions. Ask them, before you put down your hard-earned money to add that item to your stockpile.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely. Excellent idea. Especially now with all the recalls going on. kcn