Friday, November 23, 2007

Thoughts on Black Friday

I am not a fan of lines. Now, I'm happy to wait for a reason: Disneyland rides, a free cup of good coffee, a restaurant that'll make me go "yum". But waiting in line to buy stuff? No thank you. I'm not a big electronics geek (yes, I like my digital camera, my computer, my laptop, but since I don't play video games and only update my electronics every 3-5 years, well, not much for me to buy). I don't like standing out in the cold, and I also don't like to get up early on a day that my older daughter has off of school. Sleep in and snuggle time!

So, for us, Black Friday was pretty much a non-event. We did head to our downtown to see the shops and the Christmas spirit. We peeked at Santa through the store window (the line was too long and the kids didn't want to talk to him, too shy!). We had a hot chocolaty beverage (love an Americano with some chocolate syrup--good for those of us who don't do so well with milk), we browsed the shops, we didn't do any shopping for the holidays. Well, we did buy a math workbook for older daughter, but that's more of an educational expense than a holiday gift expense, especially since she dove right into it!

How did you spend you day after Thanksgiving? On the couch recovering from too much turkey? Out in the cold, doing an icy sport? Or out in the cold of dawn, waiting outside the Best Buy for the chance to nab a bargain PlayStation or XBox 360 or other of their ilk.


Anonymous said...

Good. Stay out of the craziness. It only inspires you to buy more, then you have to return more.

I went Friday night to do some necessary shopping. It was Target, and it was practically empty. And you know, I saw a whole bunch of excuse-the-expression crap that I never see until it's the Christmas season. I stuck to my list and got out. kcn

Clean ClutterFree Simple said...

Good for you for sticking to your list!

Shauna said...

I dove back into cooking. I read. I slept. I drove the Chef to work. I refused to buy a thing.

there may have been a bunch of celery I needed for split pea soup, but that was it!

Clean ClutterFree Simple said...

Ah...split pea soup...I love making it in the Crock-Pot. Makes the whole house smell so yummy!

Willow said...

I spent the morning with my family sitting around drinking coffee in a Starbuck's. That's a family tradition. Then I went for a walk on the beach with my daughter in law. It was all about family, not shopping.