Thursday, January 17, 2008

Clean Spaces

Lately, I've been really focused on keeping a kitchen counter clear and the top of the stove clear. Each time I glance over and see those open, clean spaces, well, I feel uplifted. Free. I want more.

The back of my range used to be really icky with grease spots. I'd try to clean it, but it never seemed to come clean. Lately though, each time I clean the stove surface, I'll spray some cleaner (Method Cucumber, yum) on those knobs and the odd bits at the back. I'd give it a few swipes, but not push it, not let myself get frustrated. Well, what do you know, after doing that for a few weeks, that area is almost shiny. I can see reflections in the chrome bits of the knobs. It's such a reward for being patient.


Jay Bazuzi said...

Hey, that oven looks comfortingly familiar:

Clean ClutterFree Simple said...

I'd really love a gas stove, but this old war horse keeps going! It's great to have the extra counter space and outlet--perfect for the Kitchen-Aid!

clutterbuddy said...

Thank you for reminding me that a little a day will do wonders!

Gruppie Girl said...

I found you over on MDC.

Congrats on your clean space!

My goal is to have one clean room a day. Baby steps for me.

If you unplug that toaster you will save a lot of energy and money. 40% of energy costs are from pluged-in applianced that aren't in use.

Paperspoons said...

Very inspiring. I'm with you on the decluttering is somewhat addicting. Once you see how nice it is to have clean sleek spaces you start craving more and more clean uncluttered space!

Clean ClutterFree Simple said...

I did not know that about appliances! That's a huge amount. (off to unplug unused electrical doodads!)