Thursday, May 15, 2008

Reader, I went to Target

I went in with a list. I bought only what was on my list, no impulse items. I didn't dawdle. I couldn't dawdle, I timed the trip so that I had just 20 minutes before picking up my older daughter from school.

It feels strange to have Target bags in the house. Such mundane items...Windex, baby wipes, paper towels, air freshener, cat box liners, cereal.


Anonymous said...

So how was the evil kingdom? Is it just that you are so tempted by the low prices that you try not to go there? kcn

Anonymous said...

I went to Target today, too. Did not have a list, but wanted to see what was "new." As I am in the "winding down stage of life, and have recently merged my household with my new husband's, there are very few things we really need, or actually want, except for some smaller clothes ;-}. I didn't buy anything, but was amused to see most all customers walking down the aisles not particularly shopping but talking on their cell phones. If I had nothing to do I would entertain the idea of getting a master's degree in consumer science (my college major) and have my research follow the line of shopping, loneliness, depression, or something like that. But, I am having too much fun.

Momma P