Sunday, December 07, 2008

Now I wish I had the box!

I'm having problems with my new Crock-Pot--the low setting doesn't seem to be low enough. It's actually burned food twice, which should never happen in a slow cooker.

Without the box, I can't take it back to the store. I'll have to contact Crock-Pot, whoever makes them that is.

Argh! This is why hoarders keep everything!


Jay Bazuzi said...

Some non-hoarding thoughts:

1. Give this one to the thrift store, and buy a new one. Basically, you're spending money to avoid the hassle of a warranty claim.

2. Remember that if you can't just keep the box you'll need: you'll have to change your whole policy to be "keep all boxes", in which case you won't be able to find the one you need when you need it.

3. Keep boxes for expensive items for 30 days. Cheap items that don't work out go to the thrift store. (This is what I try to do)

Anonymous said...

If you are returning it for exchange you just go to customer service and explain the problem. If you have your receipt they will give you a new one - take that out of the box and put the broken one in. Or, you can go to the store and buy a new one, go home and swap out the items and use the receipt from the first one to return the broken item in the new item box. Many places that I have dealt with will just make the exchange and not worry about the packaging at all.

There may not be a problem with your crock pot though. When I purchased my new one I had to get use to the way it worked. They all seem to work a little differently.

Julie Bazuzi said...

If the new crockpot is a large size one you may need to double the recipe. They can burn the food if there isn't enough in it. And then you will have some left to freeze or to bring a meal to a friend or a shut-in. Happy winter!