Sunday, December 21, 2008


We've had crazy weather here in the NW. Last night, a lovely blanket of snow fell upon our city. Here are some views from my little house.

Yes, that is Snow Falling on Potties above. Long story short, we had a catostrophic toilet failure a few weeks ago. The tank on our 30+ year old toilet cracked and water cascaded through the bathroom floor into the basement. Water everywhere. We tried to use a free toilet as a replacement, but the footer wasn't the right size for our rough in and we ended up buying a Toto Drake, one of the top-rated low-flow toilets. I have to say it's great and we'll surely save on water now.


Monica said...

I'm sorry, the pictures of the toilets are hilarious. :)
I can't believe it is still snowing!

Anonymous said...

Like mother, like son.... we also have a toilet in our back yard (covered with snow)! Can you believe the toilet was set in the UTILITY ROOM!?! As there were 2 already, we didn't need it.

Sorry about your flooding. We have a frozen sewer pipe (guest BR) and a leaky skylight (when the wind blows from the east, but we have power, and a nice wood stove to augment the furnace. And each other....

Momma P

paisley penguin said...

Can you believe this weather? I was stuck home for three days and nearly went nuts!

Sorry to hear about your toilet woes. At least it didn't flood during this storm!

Stay warm and Merry Christmas!