Monday, August 31, 2009

Moved on to college papers

I just tossed physics and math class notes into recycling. I paged through them and found them just as incomprehensible now as I did way back when. Feels just fine to let them go.

I have saved them for 23 years.


Anonymous said...

HA! I just got rid of most of my Russian textbooks 2 years ago. I'd saved them for 27 years! And I'm still saving the notebooks, that have my writing in Russian. Just to prove to myself I used to be able to do this...kcn

Pauline Barrett said...

Good for you! It's hard to get rid of your past--- what to save vs what to keep, and why. Too bad we have to deal with this issue every time Aunt C moves. But I now have her Baby-lock sewing machine! T shirts for Christmas!

Laurel Alanna McBrine said...

Yeah, some stuff is a no-brainer and easy to let go. Unfortunately, sometimes (in my case) we have trouble seeing the light, which is why I finally got rid of a pair of white canvas keds that I kept for 10 years plus and never once wore.

Congratulations on getting rid of your papers!

Anonymous said...

I've kept environmental science notes from 1994. I have no idea why it's so hard to let them go! They represent something, perhaps my latent love of marine science that I never pursued, and psychologically speaking, I guess letting them go would amount to letting go of the dream that one day I will pursue an ecology career. And yet the same could be said about law notes, econ books, math ... My life isn't long enough to pursue all that! Perhaps that's what it boils down to... facing the fact that life is short! Yikes.