Thursday, August 27, 2009

A recycling we shall go

Yesterday, I recycled two years worth of received Holiday cards. Why was I keeping them? I don't know. As a record of who sent us cards? For the photos of our friends? For the addresses, to send them cards next year?

Anyway, they're in the recycling bin now. I have many years worth, bundled in rubber bands and stored in boxes with other paperwork. Those will go as I come across them because I am now able to let them go.

I'm not sure what made the change, but watching the A&E show has helped. Just seeing others stuff, piled up and stacked, filling houses. It enables me to see my own excess with fresh eyes.

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Volly said...

Good for you! Our house has stacks of those, all over. The culprit is my overly sentimental husband, who has about 4 shoe boxes filled with cards received over the years. His instructions to me are to put the little boxes in "the big box" when he dies so he can be buried. Fine, but he has now extended this to a toaster his mother bought us when we got married, which was about a year and a half before she died. She didn't actually pick the toaster out; she simply handed him the money (telling him to "bring back the change") and said he should "pick out something we needed." We still use the toaster; it doesn't work well and burns everything. Still, he says he will NEVER get rid of it and wants it buried with him. This is the sort of mindset that leads to hoarding. We don't have a hoarding problem here, but the psychology is always interesting to see.

I also have tons of cards that he's given me, and am really afraid to recycle them because he will freak if he finds out and think that I don't love him anymore. As an interesting side note, he's always trying to persuade me to thin out my library.

Good luck with your mission!