Saturday, December 05, 2009

'tis the season to declutter

Time to go through everything and let go of what's not needed, loved, used in time for the New Year!

Let go and make space for new experiences, new friends, new recipes, new everything. If your home is too full, there's no space for anything fresh to liven it.


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Anonymous said...

I want to thank you so very much for posting this blog.I am so sick of living this way and I don't want this pattern to continue with my kids. I watched Hoarders and was pleased to thankfully see that I am not at that point. I do seem to be at the point that you were at the beginning. I have now completed reading all of your posts and see how you, your family, and your home changed over the last few years. You are a true inspiration! Over the last week I have donated 6 huge bags of stuff from my sons' rooms and thrown away quite a bit. I just wanted to let you know that you have given me a sense of hope that this can change, it just takes time.

hxztrade said...
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Mantik-X said...

The "Mess as Survival Strategy"

What if the following were true of some people...

Drug addiction, Alcholic addiction, debt. addiction, buying addiction, sex addiction and finally mess addiction - all of these are various shades of "A Mess." What if someone rather unconsciously thought that they were being very clever by creating a bizarre "survival scheme" with the real agenda to avoid people and social situations. What if they were secretly afraid of socializing, of certain types of "people", certain types of "social situations" or maybe they felt that the world as a whole was just too complicated and overwhelming - it didn't fit into what their vision of "order" and "safety" was. They felt no sense of "control over" the situation; "control over" the people in their lives. As a way to cope with all that they would construct "the mess" - we'll call it "Project Mess" - a very cleverly designed deception or rather "distraction" fortress, so that others would look and say "oh, man look at that poor SOB stuck in that mess there" and would never think " gee look at that poor SOB there - afraid of people." Project Mess - deliberately designed so that the person in it is in a constant state of war with their mess so that all of their time and energy is usually totally exhausted and they never any left over to deal with the outside world of people effectively - how convenient and how deviously clever!

harada57 said...