Friday, August 06, 2010


I've been seeing a lot of movies lately. It costs a lot to take just me and the kids to a matinee, let alone all four of us. It costs more in fact than to buy the DVD when it comes out. When I realized that, I understood instantly why so many people buy DVDs--it's cheaper than going to the movies.

But I love seeing a movie in the theater. I have favorite seats. There's the magic of the previews and the tension that builds as the lights go down. That's worth a lot.

So I'll stick with my pattern of seeing the big movies in the theater and getting most of the others from the library. I'd rather pay to see a movie in the theater than wait and buy it and see it only on the small screen.


capitaljunk said...

Great idea. Sometimes its fun to host a "Movie Night" with the kids or maybe some friends and buy or make some snacks or H'ordeurves and rent a highly anticipated DVD and make a night out of it. That's a great way to save money and still have the fun! Keep up the great blogging!

Gruppie Girl said...

Love borrowing movies from the library. Cheap and local!

stephi said...

another thought on movies...sometimes i buy a movie from a garage sale for anywhere from 50 cents to 2.00, then after we watch it, we donate it to our local library, this is a extremely cheap way to enjoy and recycle a movie...of course you might have to settle for movies that are older...

Rachel Papworth @greenandtidy said...

How about joining a film rental service like LoveFilm or NetFlix? That way you can watch films at home without acquiring new stuff.

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