Thursday, October 19, 2006

Freak out of the week

Try browsing in a thrift shop and seeing things you've donated hanging on the racks. It happened to me the other day, at the second branch of the store I usually donate to. OK, so they think they can get $4.99 for that kids' sundress? $3.99 for the leotard? Seeing MY things priced and for sale was not fun. It felt like a violation, which tells you what a disease this is.

In other news, CB has threatened me with a visit. I am to be brave and send off my pile of donations without cataloging each individual item. Apparently, it's good enough for the IRS to say 'x bags of household goods' on my taxes. That was my big excuse. What now? How can I say good-bye properly?

...she did promise me a Krispy Kreme original glazed, so I might be able to find the strength...


Jenny said...

I haven't experienced this situation yet; but I've thought about it a lot, and that's really kind of weird. I mean, I've donated the items--they shouldn't matter to me any more, but they do. I really udnerstand where you're coming from.

Clutter Buddy said...

ok, here's what is wrong with that post--you were "browsing the racks" at a THRIFT STORE! there is only ONE solution here-COLD TURKEY, NO MORE THRIFT STORES!

and I am threatening a visit? you make it sound like i'm scary or something :)

clutter buddy said...

an idea for the donations: how about if you take a before and after picture to post here so we can all see it and give you congrats!

Anonymous said...


I just had this same experience last week. I had donated my daughter's outgrown clothes to the salvation army. I went back to donate some more clothes that I found that didn't fit. My daughter and I went looking around the store and there were the other clothes of hers that I had donated. I thought to myself how nice it was that some other child would get to wear her outgrown clothes. It made me feel good to think of all the different mothers who would choose my daughter's outgrown clothes.