Tuesday, October 10, 2006

So Much Yet to Do and Mental Clutter

Unfinished, waiting tasks from August. AUGUST. Yes, I did have a house guest, and yes school started, which breaks up my day in odd ways as I often drop off and always pick up Older Daughter. But that's no excuse for failing to:

  • catalog and deliver donations (from the immense pile in the garage)

  • list the furniture we want to sell on Craig's List

  • make a stab at the piles and piles of paperwork--some is important, some is just recycling

  • purge the toys, again

I have reverted to my old ways with paperwork. No, let me correct that. I never got to a clear, even, organized happy point with paperwork. There's a lovely book called Getting Things Done that lays out a simple system for dealing with life's tasks. I've had access to it for almost two years. I haven't yet finished it. Anyway, my point is, without a basic system to fall back on, I am limping along without any clear notions of how to keep up with the paper of today. I tend to use the "wait until it's expired, then recycle" system, but that doesn't work with bills, with taxes, with school permission slips.

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