Sunday, October 15, 2006

Stuck, Very Very Stuck

Husband has been frustrated lately with the state of the house, and our lives in general. I reminded him of what the Flylady always says "start with yourself". Fact is, he doesn't know how to keep a house any better than me. At least, he doesn't do it with his stuff. Piles accumulate (less than mine, because he isn't a hoarder, but still).

In the past few days, every member of the (human) family has been down with a nasty little gastroenteritis virus. First Older Daughter, and since it was over so quickly (a night spent puking & enduring diarhhea, but still just one night), we assumed food poisoning. That assumption went out the window Thursday night when Younger Daughter and Husband were struck. Nothing so cute & pathetic as a three year old carrying around her own puke bucket. Poor kid.

I got it the next night. Misery. The only bright spot? My dear cat stayed by my side, snuggling and purring as needed. What a good boy!

Being stuck in the house for essentially days, you either get used to it or feel oppressed. Husband began to feel oppressed, and thus, out came the frustration.

I don't know what to do. It feels hopeless. If I can't let go of the stuff, I am stuck? I can't seem to get the will to sell it, donating seems like giving up, what other options are there?


Linz said...

OK, I think if you can't manage to sell it, donate it to a charity you'll feel good about. Take it to the Cancer Society, Services for the Blind will do pickups of some things, just get rid of it. Don't look at it as giving up. Look at it as clearing out. If selling it is too much effort (and believe me, I know) then don't do it. Donate. Lots of people could get good use out of that stuff, and get it cheaper than they might otherwise. A godsend if you're poor. Look at it that way. And just let it go.

3 Things About Money said...

Sounds like a bad patch and I am so sympathetic. Flylady also says take 1 pile at a time. Or even just one thing at a time. 5 minutes at a time. The all-or-failure approach can drive you crazy. BTW, donation is never giving up, it is a gift, an amazing resource to the poor and a lightening of spirit. Not to mention a tax write-off. Feel better, and thanks for your post.