Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Filing, Dreaded Filing

Yesterday, I did some filing. Frankly, it was because I needed to find a particular piece of mail that I knew I had seen recently (um, that is, sometime in the last six months). I filed my entire pile (13" high) of paperwork.

I used a new system. Previously, I'd created a separate file folder for EACH type of item, breaking everything down. So, for instance, we bank with a couple of banks, and have a number of accounts. Old system: each bank account gets its own file folder. New system: all bank related papers go into a file called 'banking'. It worked a treat--the whole stack filed in about two hours. Old system would have taken twice that amount of time.

Here's a picture of my new files. Now, I just need to clear some space in the file cabinets for them.

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Anonymous said...

that's a good idea. I'm always warring with my need to have everything 'logically' oriented (i.e., I actually thought of correspondece folders created myself with 3 pockets: sent, received, drafts)... sigh. how many hours would that take? how delayed (by months) would my filing be : ) - R'eal