Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Threat of Christmas

Christmas is a joyous time, full of cheer. Carols, candy canes, fruitcake...all the good things of the winter season.

And then comes The Day. The day the things descend upon us: toys upon toys, games and books, clothing and shoes, you name it, there will be too much of it very very soon.

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chasmyn said...

Perhaps...perhaps either before Christmas or the day after, you could make a family event of going through the respective rooms and clearing out room for the new things? Juat a thought, I know you've been decluttering all year, so possibly it's already been done.

Jay Bazuzi said...

A few years ago I first realized that the things in my life were dragging me down. Gifts are particularly troublesome, because they can be hard to get rid of. We are taught that passing on a gift right away means that we aren't showing the appreciation that we should be.

To help me get over that, I tell myself that the gift was given out of love, and the giver would not want me to suffer becuase of their gift.

A couple months ago my dad sent me a book. I skimmed it, then sent it to the thrift store the next day. Thanks, Dad, but realize I don't want to keep it.

But stopping the inflow is even more powerful. That's why I started telling my friends and family not to buy me anything for Christmas and birthday. I tell them that I will be happier if I have less stuff, not more. I also tell them that if they must, they're welcome to make a charitable donation, so they can give to someone who is actually in need.

M said...

I completely understand the threat of "stuff" this time of year. My parents tend to go overboard as some sort of compensation for not seeing us all the time because we live far away. Decluttering the kids' rooms before the holidays helps us immensely.
I agree gifts shouldn't be kept out of guilt or obligation. I certainly wouldn't want the recipient to feel awkward or overwhelmed when that was not my intent when I gave them the gift.
I hope you have a peaceful holiday season. :)

In Recovery said...

Much wisdom in all your comments, thank you! I do have a hard time with gifts...must explore that feeling.