Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Hard Task: Selling Books

I've started selling the books. I had this grand plan to take all seventeen (17) boxes to Powell's books in Portland, which is one of my favourite bookstores. Then, I could get store credit at a place I enjoy going. Problem is, I don't live in Portland. I live 180 miles away.

So the boxes just sat. And sat. And sat. This weekend, I realized that had to change. I committed to bringing them to a local bookstore that sells new and used books, two or three boxes at a time. I took the first two boxes in today. They bought a few, not many, but still a few. I'm going to take those two boxes one other place and then they go to the library, where they'll be sold at the Friends of the Library booksale (most likely ... I doubt any would be added to the collection).


Anonymous said...

Call the Magus Books, tell them what you got, have them come over and give you a price!! Come on, it's not that hard, saves you lots of wear and tear slogging those books around, and some gas as well. Go to the Magus FIRST before going to Third Place, I promise, you won't be sorry!! kc

Anonymous said...

good thoughts. I need to start my blogspot again. I'm feeling a need to simply write, and not be so public ~ r'eal

Jay Bazuzi said...

I've found that selling books is a lot of work, without a lot of benefit for me. It takes a lot of time while they price each book, and then they won't take them all, so I'm stuck a bunch I still need to get rid of.

For me, getting money for my books is not a priority. Getting free of the burden of these books is #1.

I give them away as quickly as I can. In your case, I'd donate the entire stack to the library and be done with it.

(I usually give things to the thrift store, but I don't believe that's a good choice here, as few people go to the book store to find books, and they're hard to sift through when you're there.)