Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Creating Positivity

A friend told me last night that we can remake those negative pathways by thinking about the positive, the good, the heartwarming. I am actively trying to do that. It's hard, but I think it'll be worth it.

I want to write about the happy memories...I don't think I can right now.


clutter buddy said...

i've been trying to do this with my dad issues...but i have found that it's a little more complicated than just trying to remember the good times...for one, well, i can think of like 3 good times! how sad!...and two, i've been feeling like i need to get all those negative voices from my dad and stepmom out of my head first, that seems to be the hard part...i've started by doing a brain dump of all of those things, but with an "am not" in front of them LOL...even the stupid little things like "yes, i can vacuum" because those are the things that seem to pop up all the time in my psyche...that's where i'm starting...but since i know you, i'd like to suggest that you back up to the VERY first step and that is forgiveness...forgive others and most importantly, forgive YOURSELF! good luck on your journey, and remember you got lots who love you and can help!

Pamelamama said...