Friday, July 20, 2007

Fun Friday

So, here it is, Friday already. My life sucks, my cat escaped yesterday (yes, he came back. yes, he was covered in burrs and very full of himself. I still hugged his furry little self 'til he meowed!).

Ahem! So, since I haven't cleared out ding whap lately. Oh, wait. I did clear up my desk a wee bit. I went through my mega pile of mail and bills and junk that had built up and sent most of it to the recycle bin. It doesn't feel like it counts though, because that stuff just keeps coming back. Just like the T-man, it's always back.

For your reading pleasure, two blogs I came across this week and have enjoyed chortling over:
That Rude Girl
Behind the Counter



Anonymous said...

I'm getting concerned about you, you're sounding very depressed. I wish I could say something to help you out. You probably already know everything I'm going to say, like, get out of the house without the kids (leave them with Tim), get one small thing accomplished that won't have to be done over and over (like the dishes or vacuuming), do something for yourself (like go to a movie or take your laptop to a coffee shop and just write), and so on.

Can you try to pin down what exactly is dragging you down? Make a list? Look at the list and see what exactly you can do something about right away?

You're usually really good at realizing actions and reactions and consequences. Give yourself a break, or ask me to come over to help you dump stuff.

take care, I'm thinking and praying for you, kcn

Suneil said...


I've come across your blog whilst researching for a documentary I'm helping to develop for UK and perhaps worldwide audiences.

What we are doing is looking into psychological conditions that can affect peoples personal hygiene and trying to find ways of helping them through their ordeals. The documentary would follow the day to day lives of our contributors and their therapy's (if any).

I found your blog quite compelling and wondered if perhaps you could get in touch (without any obligations to be on the show) just to see whether you may be interestes. I can be reached on (UK) 020 7713 6868 or via email:

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards,