Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Peace of a Clutter-Free Home

Yesterday, we visited friends. They have a fairly large house, but thanks to constant vigilance, the clutter is at a minimum. There are hot spots here and there, especially in the kitchen "landing zone" and near the front door, but the main, frequently used living areas of the house are tidy, clear and easy to use. No need to shovel the stuff off a chair to have a seat, no time wasted clearing crap off of the dining room table to have a meal, no frustration trying to cook because the counters are clear of extraneous items.

It truly is constant vigilance that keeps this house a home. My friend, like me, loves to treasure hunt at the thrift stores. But, unlike me, she doesn't develop overly strong attachments to the things she finds. They're worn, used, sat on or cooked in, and when they wear out or the kids grow out of them, out the door they go. No piles, or bins or build up of crapola. Just clear spaces, and a relaxing vibe.

May my house one day become a home like theirs. And may yours as well!

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Suzanne said...

Oh my goodness, I think I may cry. I fret all the time about how messy/dirty/cluttered my house is, I can't believe you're talking about are talking about me, right? I'm glad to know my efforts aren't for naught. :) thanks for the lovely compliment.