Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Little at a Time Really Makes Progress

So I've told you about my counter cleaning ritual, right? Well, once you've been doing that for a couple of weeks, you've gotten up the grime, and since you're doing it every day, nothing builds up and gets all crusty and icky. So it takes less time to do it. What do you do? You expand your area, and you find yourself spritzing and swiping more and more of the kitchen. I've moved on to bits of wall, stove hood, front of the cabinets. It's looking good.

So good, that I may actually do my kitchen update this year. I found out that you can have countertops refinished, which would be cheaper and faster than new ones. I'd paint the walls and cabinets, refinish the countertops and maybe sink, and refinish the floor. It would cost around $2000 (as compared with the last quote I got for a remodel--$20,000!).

Here's a picture of how my counters looked last night:
This was just as I was making dinner; that stack of Zip-Loc boxes contains leftovers that are ready to be heated up. The purple mug is waiting to be handwashed (and it was, later that evening). The fruit plate holds our current fruit for breakfasts and lunches.

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