Saturday, February 09, 2008


A brief interlude to note that today was my state's caucus day. We also have a primary, but for my party, that won't make a difference. I'm an elected official, the very bottom-most tier elected official, and so I got to run my precinct's caucus. Good times, folks, truly good times. A great bunch of people turned out and we had a great time electing our delegates.

On the decluttering front, here's the load I dropped off at the Goodwill today. No, that doesn't break my Lenten intention, because I didn't go into the thrift store, I merely handed bags to the nice gentleman outside and got a receipt.


Michele said...

I like that you call your Lent activity an "intention." Seems so much more doable and focuses on the spirit of why to do something.

V. said...

I just found your blog and am going to book-mark you! I'm on the same journey-to-less and haven't really detailed it on my blog, but maybe I should...seeing someone else's junk sometimes helps people move along in their own junk..!!!