Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just so you know...

So, I did go to a thrift store recently. Remember, while I gave them up for Lent, I didn't swear never to enter one again. Rather, I had planned to shop there mindfully. I really like using thrift stores--I'd much rather re-use something already created than buy something new. Such a waste to buy new again and again when there are perfectly good things already in existence.

I went in with a plan, with two items on my list: dressy pants and Daring To Dream by Nora Roberts. I found two pair of dressy pants (had to try on two dozen!) and I actually found the exact book I was looking for! I left happy, and having saved a lot over buying new.

Mindfullness is key. I didn't shop for entertainment, or just as a habit. I had a plan, I went in with a list, and I came out with exactly what I wanted.

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Chief Family Officer said...

Great job! I like the way you describe your approach as "mindfulness." It's very apt.

I've also been so impressed by your kitchen remodel - wow, you did so much and it looks so great and you spent so little! Just fantastic ... and inspiring!