Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Target & Thrift: Update!

I have still not set foot in a Target store! I do peruse the ads and last week, there was an item I really wanted (Ocean's Thirteen, widescreen, for only $9.99!). I was tempted, yes I was. But I held fast, and rather than going in myself, I asked my sweetie if he'd mind stopping off at Target on his way home from our daughter's guitar lesson, it's on the way. He was happy to, and thanks to our daughter's sharp eyes, they brought home my prize! Nothing else tempted them!

I stopped in at a thrift store last week. I went in looking for two particular books and left with four, three paperbacks for me, including the particular book (pbs are only $.69 at Goodwill), and one book for my older daughter. It'll be saved for an occasion, perhaps an upcoming weekend out of town.

Over at Chief Family Officer, Cathy is halfway through her 29 Day Giving Challenge. I plan to consider a similar challenge.

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Jay Bazuzi said...

Two words: netflix. Oh, that's one word.

Anyway, I don't need a collection of movies to watch over & over. Most movies, once is enough.

I don't have a clutter of DVDs to sort, and I don't have to worry about peanut butter ruining them.

(For the few things I do want to watch repeatedly, I rip them on to the computer, so I still don't have the physical clutter to deal with.)

For books, I look to the library first. Again, I'm generally better off not owning them.