Thursday, October 23, 2008

Drugstore Game

I've done a few Drugstore Game (see also, Money Saving Mom) trips recently, stocking up (yes, dangerous words for me) on items we use frequently. Hair conditioner and body lotion, various medicines (it's cold season), paper towels, facial cleanser. Boring stuff like that.

I use the tips from websites like those I link to above, and clip the coupons from the paper. It's easy. I have six bins for personal care supplies in my linen closet. They're labeled and I re-organize them every few months. They stay stocked, thanks to Drugstore Game trips.

Today, I got three packages of Theraflu for -$3.00. That's three dollars back. Once I receive my rebate check, Theraflu will have paid me for buying their product. Nice, eh?

Unfortunately, I'm stuffy and have a sinus headache. So, I do actually need to take some Theraful sinus.

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