Sunday, October 19, 2008

Finding that which is lost

I kept my sewing tools in the big purge. My rotary cutter, my good scissors. I know I kept them. And yet, they are not to be found. I've gone through bin after bin, and box after box and have not found them.

I fear they may have been mixed in with items that were donated. That would be frustrating and painful. I need to sew accessories for the big one's Halloween costume. I want to make some simple scarves for the girls' school's holiday bazaar. I can't without my sewing tools.

The fear of every hoarder is that a needed, valuable item will be inadvertantly, accidentally donated. This is why it is so hard to accept help. Because we don't know if the helper will be as cautious as our fragile psyches need them to be.

Please send "rotary cutter come home" thoughts my way.


Anonymous said...

I feel your angst. When I moved and merged 2 households at times I felt as though MY STUFF was lost forever and was devasted. It wasn't where I had previously kept it (whatever IT was). We found whatever I needed, and all is well.

Do you want to borrow my sewing supplies until yours return? I will be in the Ballard area Tuesday sorting music.

Momma P

paisley penguin said...

Yikes, I know how you feel! Sending good vibes to you!

Laurel Alanna McBrine said...

Oh man, I feel for you. I spent the better part of a morning looking for the pedals to my sewing machine and serger, which I HAD JUST SEEN in a small box that morning and somehow misplaced. After searching for quite some time, I finally gave up on sewing and moved on to a different project since I know they are still here SOMEWHERE and will turn up in some weirdly unexpected place that I absentmindedly sat them down.

Borrowing a pair of scissors from a friend until yours turn up is a good idea! Or buy a bigger, better and improved pair that will make your old ones obsolete!

I once tried to retrieve a sweater from Goodwill after thinking that I needed it after all. Sad, really. I don't know if this makes you feel any better, but losing a couple of items in the clearing out process, when you consider the relief and freedom gained by getting rid of lots of junk, is probably a small price to pay. Just think what you would spend to hire a professional organizer - at least that is what I tell myself - hope that helps a bit :)