Saturday, January 10, 2009

Busy busy

I've been busy this week, so not much news on the decluttering front.

Yesterday, I volunteered with my older daughter's class on their field trip to an organization that supports food banks. Forty kids helped to repackage donated canned and dry goods into family-size boxes that can be distributed at food banks around the state. The kids had to check expiration dates, and balance the boxes with canned and dry goods, as all the boxes needed to weigh approximately the same amount.

I've got my eye on a couple of projects around the house. I have hobby supplies still hanging around for a couple of crafts I no longer do. I can't just donate them to a thrift store, as they would probably be tossed. They need a home where the recipient understands what they are for. Must put on thinking cap for this one.

The upstairs is actually looking great. Thanks to the Roomba, I have floor clutter down to a minimum. There are still some stacks around the TV. I think we need to cull some media. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

What craft stuff? (yummmm....) I've actually started doing more in the craft line...kcn

Catherine said...

How about listing the craft stuff on Freecycle? I frequently get a sort of sense of obligation about the fate of things I don't need anymore. I read somewhere that this guilt about what will happen to the stuff is something that characterizes people who have issues with clutter/hoarding -- for me it rang true :) Enjoying your blog!

Pamela said...

Any yarn??
Have you thought of nursing homes or even vets homes. I donated a ton of crafty stuff to the vets home.
I think freecycle and craigslist are always good bets too.

chaotic kitten said...

It's good to be busy with other things once in a while, I think it helps prevent burnout.