Monday, January 05, 2009

Roomba Update

So far, I'm enjoying the Roomba. It has its idiosyncrasies. It can't go over power cords and we have two dressers it can't fit under. Or rather, it can fit under them but once there it can't escape.

I've run it about six times now, and it picks up a lot of dust, dirt and cat hair. It is much quieter than a standard vacuum. We have a lot of doors on our main floor, so it's easy to isolate it in a room or group of rooms and hallway.

Best of all, you must keep the floors clear to use the Roomba. And since I really want to use it, I am keeping the floors clear and motivating the kids to as well.


chaotic kitty said...

That's great, that it's motivating you to keep the floors clear. Anything that helps with that has to be good!

Becky said...

That is great! I use Stephanie Bennett Vogt's book,"Your Spacious Self" to help motivate me to clean my house.
Just opening her book lifts my spirits and before I know it I am cleaning up a storm- yesterday I even packed up 2 bags of clothes, which had been taking space in my kid's closest, and donated them to the good-will charity in town.