Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cleaning House

The living room has been trashed for days. The kids have been LEGOing and puzzling and doing all sorts of things and the rug has gotten covered with gunk that I couldn't vacuum up because of all the LEGOs and puzzle pieces. ARGH!

So, sick of it, I tidied up today. It didn't take long and now the living room is quite pleasant.

In other news, it's Spring, my favourite season. Tulips and daffodils oh my!


Anonymous said...

Reading about your dealing with the Lego clutter reminded me of when I was a little girl, and so desperately wanted an erector set. These delightful building sets contained little nuts, bolts, and pieces of metal strips, axels, wheels, gears, and other constructing objects. My mother always said, "NO!" everytime I begged, because she did not want to pick up those small parts either by hand or in the vacuum. No amount of reassuring on my part ever changed her mind. I was certain that if I had been born a boy HE would have been allowed to possess an erector set.

Momma P

RML said...

Congrats on cleaning it all up! I know how difficult it is and how the pieces seem to multiply and get everywhere!