Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Could you eat for $1 a day?

Less is Enough did, for a month. Her project, one of many month or year long blog projects that have popped up, really resonated with me. I remember how I cooked back in college, when I had very little money. I'd pick up a couple of items at the little fruit and veg market on the way home and get creative.

Less is Enough started her project with a few rules. She'd use none of her existing pantry items and she'd spend a dollar a day, as she went. So, no stocking up at the begining with a lot of food and mete it out at a dollar's worth a day. No, she started with no food and one buck.

She's got great pictures of the food items she bought each day and what she cooked with it. She ate pretty well, in my opinion.

Her main goal was to demonstrate that one really can eat well on a small amount of money. The only processed food she used was Jiffy muffin mix. No Top Ramen or bargain bin frozen meals.


Anonymous said...

I sure could.
Growing your own food from 10 cent seed packets will go a looong way. Grow potatoes in a grocery bag of leaves. Swiss Chard in the bottom half of a milk jug or beans, eggplants or even carrots in cottage cheese containers.
Lest we forget sprout in a mason jar and eggs from chickens that forage their own food.

Laurel Alanna McBrine said...

I remember doing a study in University with women staying at a shelter. I had them fill out a form about their food habits and then suggest less costly and healthier alternatives.

I was influenced greatly by a book I read at the time - I think the title was something to do with $5 a week, but of course this was quite some time ago and inflation has probably made that number obsolete unless you grow and store everything yourself.

The guy basically lived on carrots, onions, cabbage and beans. He did a nutritional analysis of how those items (there were probably a few other foods included, but those are the ones that jump to mind) provide good quality nutrition including lots of fibre!

I talk a lot about living well in a green and holistic way on my blog and like to share great ideas with others, so take a look: