Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My Very Best Money Saving Tip

I consider taking care of, and being aware of, finances part of my decluttering journey. It's about avoiding perfectionism (i.e. letting $ sit in my Roth IRA because I can't take the HUGE amount of time needed to choose which investment to buy...um, just get a friggin' S&P 500 fund if you can't decide!), and being aware.

So, here goes.

Stay out of the stores. Be Aware. That's it. If I don't go to stores, I don't spend money. These past few weeks, while I've been actively decluttering every day, I have been so busy I couldn't shop for more than a few groceries. In the process of decluttering and realizing some of my personal issues (i.e. 'do I deserve anything nice?' etc), I've decided to go cold turkey on thrift store shopping. Sure, there are bargains. But if you're a hoarder who thinks it's neat to be the archivist for the world, you're sunk. You'll be knees-deep in old Clue games, mysterious magazines, vintage clothing that fits no-one in your household. You get the picture.

For those non-hoarders, well, just staying out of stores will save you money. Plan your trips, bunch your errands. Shop at only one grocery store, go to the same gas station, buy your clothing at one or maybe two stores. Avoid the variety, because while it sure is the spice of life, it's also eternal temptation. Did you know that if you are offered a variety of foods, you'll eat more? Same with spending your money.

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Anonymous said...

So true! Not going to stores is the best way to avoid spending money, ESPECIALLY at Costco. But at least at Costco you end up getting a free lunch with all the samples. But it's hard to go to Target and not spend at least $40 or $50.