Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Books are Gone, Gone, Gone, OTD!

Finally, I was able to take those three boxes of books to my local used book shop. They took them all, and I have a nice chunk of store credit to use at my leisure. Whew! I did miss the deadline set by Clutter Buddy, but she let me slide due to little Jack's illness (and the resulting lack of schedule flexibility).

I do still have that pile of donations pictured below. I've been adding to it, and will drop it off today or tomorrow at my local thrift store.


clutter buddy said...

Good job!

And it's ok if it's past the deadline because you took it to the first bookstore before the deadline so that counts :)

'Zann said...

Hi from a sister decluttering blogger (who has many books, too) -- I've been reading your blog on and off today and I'm exhausted! You are doing a super job!