Thursday, May 03, 2007

What You Can Accomplish in 15 Minutes

Anyone who is a fan of the Flylady knows all about 15 minutes. She believes one can do ANYTHING in 15 minutes. Well, you might not finish writing that novel, but you can certainly make a start. And those 15 minutes all add up.

This morning, I took 15 minutes and transformed my living room. Here's the before:

And here's the after:

The timer went off just as I was finishing vacuuming the rug. Here's what helped: I listened to St Germain's album Tourist to get the energy flowing! I didn't just toss things into baskets or boxes, I put them away. Game pieces back in their box, clothing either back in a dresser drawer or in the laundry basket, shoes to their spot, garbage into the trash can, dishes into the sink.

Just think, if you took a focused 15 minutes several times a day, what could you accomplish?


Shannon said...

Oooo, very nice!

For the record though, Flylady doesn't say you can do anything *in* 15 minutes, but you can do anything *for* 15 minutes. Uh, not that I manage to clean for even 15 minutes lately. Heh. :-D

Pamela said...

Nice job!! I love reading your blog. I am a collector/keeper of stuff too but I am slowly getting rid of the clutter in my house.
I think you are doing a fantastic job with your decluttering. Your garden looks great and your living room looks wonderful too!!
Keep up the great work!!!

Heather Flanagan said...

You know, this is a great strategy. I have timed how long it *actually* takes to unload the dishwasher, disgusted to find that it only takes five minutes and I can no longer use my but-I-don't-have-time excuse.

Also, there is the famed, "I'll just *start* my taxes". Which usually leads to a nice work session.

Thanks for offering the 15 minute strategy. I will use it for getting around to posting to my blog!