Thursday, May 31, 2007

Nothing OTD, only ITD

So, no big news to report. I haven't made any donation runs, or sorted out much to get rid of (well, one bag of toys from cleaning the living room the other night...seemed a HUGE task, but actually only took forty-five minutes, and we got all the toys back with their mates, and that aforementioned bag of items to go away). Let's see, where was I before that long parenthetical interrupted? Oh, right, nothing happening.

Well, things have come in the door (ITD). Necessary things, like groceries. We've been grilling a lot since we bought our gas grill. Love the gas grill! It's so quick and easy and I don't want to hear about charcoal tasting better! Because, I'd rather actually have grilled tasty burgers than the same old pasta and sauce. I usually keep a bag of Costco chicken breasts in the freezer, and some salmon burgers too, but we've used up everything. I've been buying new each day (a dangerous thing, because the grocery store is a field of temptation). It is lovely to choose what we'll grill, and since the grill is so quick, it's ok that I am not planning too far ahead.

So, groceries, ok, but what else? Well, I really wanted to find the perfect skort to wear when Rollerblading. Yes, I like to Rollerblade, I do it a couple of times a week for my main exercise. And, it's getting hot here in the Northwest, in case you haven't noticed or live someplace where it's still chilly. I have tried three so far with little luck. So, shopping for those turned into anti-shopping.

What else? Basic boring things--baby wipes, hand soap...cling wrap...granola bars for the kids' lunches, juice boxes (we've tried thermoses...they work until your kid forgets to empty their lunch bag when they get home. Then, you get nasty moldy icky old apple juice slime). Thank you notes and gifts for the Little one's preschool teachers. Invitations for an upcoming birthday party. The first stab at favours for same. Yes, of course, I could make invitations. I have before. But my printer is picky about paper, and tends to get stuck when the manual feed is used. So, I end up having to go to Kinko's or some such place. And let me tell you, that is just no fun with a three-year old in tow.

I really truly have been trying to keep the input down. Avoid the stores, buy only what I really need for the family, don't shop on impulse. Mostly, it works. But frankly, it's hard because I am the primary "consumer" for the household. I'm responsible for keeping us in Cheerios and laundry soap, socks and cat food. It's a challenge. And this week, it felt like I was just slip slip slipping down that slippery slope.


Wabash Cannonball said...

I, for one, will reassure you that charcoal does NOT taste better. We have a charcoal grill and everything it touches...tastes like ass. If ass tasted like lighter fluid. I can't wait to get rid of it and get a gas grill.

In Recovery said...

Hmmmm, well, I for one don't want an ass-flavoured burger. No thanks! We got ours at Target for the low low price of $85. Of course, it's made in China, but that's a whole 'nother blog post, and I'm not going there right now:-).

Suzanne said...

MMMmmmm, ass.

clutter buddy said...

ok, i'm LMAO and just excited that we can actually say "ass" on here :)

Wabash Cannonball said...

Talking, but no touching!

Unless you'd like to ferry my ass-grill away. Heck, I'll PAY ya. Hate that thing.