Friday, May 11, 2007

Kitchen Clean Up

I was talking with a friend yesterday (you know who you are) about kitchen organization. She'd recently swapped out all her mixed-up containers and bags for matching glass jars from IKEA. More, we talked about how long pantry items last. I have a bad habit of overbuying ("it was on sale!") and having things go stale, rancid, you name it.

For some reason, this morning, I got a bug about the kitchen. It's on my mind because we are planning a face-lift for it this summer, and need to pare things down. I browsed my cupboards and tossed things that either smelled stale or that had been sitting around for longer than I could remember. Here are some fun photos.
This is the 'after' cupboard. You'll be able to tell how much I purged by taking a look below at the sink full of empties.

I dumped all the stale & mystery stuff into my compost bucket. It's for the worms now!

Sink full of empties!

I also purged my baking pan & food storage cupboard; here's the full bag of donations!


Wabash Cannonball said...

Yay for kitchen decluttering!!! And I really will send you those photos of my loverly kitchen rehab soon...sometime...I will!!

Allie said...

Impressive! I need this for my own kitchen inspiration!