Monday, June 11, 2007

Deep Freeze

Back in 1999, when we were expecting our first child, we decided to buy a stand-alone freezer. I can't quite remember why, but it probably was inspired by pregnancy-induced nesting. I know I did do a lot of pre-baby cooking for the freezer, soups, casseroles, etc, and we never have enough space in our refridgerator's freezer compartment. We got a good deal on an upright one, and it lives in our basement.

I've meant to clean it out. Really I have. But, it's hard. You all know how hard it is for me to toss anything. Well, how can I toss food that I myself prepared? Is it the food's fault that it got pushed to the rear and hasn't yet been eaten, even though it was made five years ago? How can I toss those plums that I pitted myself?

Well, I have to. I MUST. No one is going to eat them. I can let them stay there, getting more and more freezer burned, or I can do the right thing, and put them in our compost bin where they will at least have a chance to move on their way in the food chain. Isn't that the right thing to do? I know it is, and yet I hesitate.

Today, while searching for some fruit to make into a crisp, I looked, really looked at these plums. They were frozen in 2000 or possibly 2001. We had friends with a plum tree and they always had more than they, their friends and their neighbors could ever use. I froze several bags of halved plums, intending to make, oh, gosh, jam, or just fruit crisps (I used to make them about once a week, so not unreasonable). And some of them did really get used. But there were so many. I got a little plummed out and the rest of the family never liked them even as much as I did.

Just for fun, here are some of the other items that will be heading to the compost later today.

Garlic Bread...still good after five years?

Some sliced rhubard. All the moisture has come out of it--it's just fiber anymore

This was cooked pumpkin that I was saving for a pie or to fill pasta.

Bananas, unpeeled and frozen to use for banana bread. Now, ice crystals baby!


Anonymous said...

Yea for freezer cleansing!!!

I've wanted an upright freezer for a while - I'd really like to get a quarter of grass fed beef, but you have to have a freezer for that :P

YK, I've discovered the secret to not accumulating too much stuff - put 4 people in 750 square feet. I look at the apartment every day and think, WHAT ELSE CAN I CHUCK? MUST HAVE MORE SPACE!


You know, I think K. probably wonders who this lady is who always says, "Hi!" to her when the kids are filing out of the class every afternoon (I'm always there to walk home with Ian). I've told her I know her mom, but what evidence does she have of that? :D


Madame X said...

love the photos! this is a good cautionary tale for me, as I am still in the early days of having a big enough freezer to actually attempt over-hoarding.
thanks for the link to my site-- ifyou get a chance, it would be great if you could update it to my new URL,