Friday, June 08, 2007

Sometimes it does all come down to Time

I've been ready to take another look at my eBay bins that are stacked so high in the garage. Going into the garage is painful since I have to walk past some of my mother's things to get to the rear, where the bins are. However, I have felt that perhaps, now, maybe, I can let some of those things go. Simply let them go, away, to the Goodwill or the Thriftko or even the Salvation Army. Away from my house, from my life.

I fear that once I actually look at the items, that I will not be able to do it. Now, good ole CB would say "well, then, just give 'em the whole bin!". Right. Like that's ever going to happen. I'm sure she's rolling her eyes right now reading this, but I can't do it. She knows I can't, but, with my permission, she pushes. I ask her to, and she does. It's painful for us both at times, but for a hoarder who is ready to take steps, a bit of pushing, prodding, and nagging can actually help. We want to let go, but we need more support than a, forgive me, "normal" person.

I'll update you all on the status of my eBay bins.

But back to time. You see, I have been swamped. I am behind at work, I have a sleeping girl on my lap as I type, and dinner will most likely be frozen burritos from Costco with some refried beans on the side, salsa too if I can dig any up. So, tell me when I'm supposed to go out to the garage and do my dirty work? Yes, do tell.


Monica said...

I understand where you are coming from regarding the eBay bins. I unloaded a bunch of my inventory at our garage sale recently. It was painful and liberating at the same time. I really had to determine if a particular item was worth the time and money and if not, out it went. Can you work in 15 minutes a day or go through one bin at a time? It's not easy. Positive thoughts to you!!

Jay Bazuzi said...

I can relate to the lack-of-time thing.

I have good news for you, though: every time you get more stuff OTD, it frees up little more of your time. Time that you would have spent sorting that stuff, or worrying about that stuff, or climbing over that stuff to find something else, or searching for something else because you can't remember where it is because you have to remember where so much stuff is.

Each time you take a step, you make the next step a little easier.