Monday, June 04, 2007

Monday Monday

Here we are and it's Monday, already! It's June, already! Life just moves along, and we can move along with the Earth or let ourselves get stuck, in pain and regret or fear.

So, what's my point? That I don't want to live for the rest of my life with a garage full of crapola. That I don't want to trip over toys day after day. I want peace, clarity, openness...and the mental restfulness that comes from a clutter-free space.


clutter buddy said...

I here ya sista! and i'm there too...i can help you with that...remember my idea to go all "Clear your Clutter" on your house? we could do it!

Anonymous said...

I was happiest about my living environment when I lived in a VW van. I had 3 changes of clothes, a laptop, a few of my favorite books and my dog.

Now I have a household of 4 people & I'm always getting rid of anything I can :P Having shit is STRESSFUL. I want to go back to being a nomad!


Terra Carlson said...

I'm here, I'm here already! :D Too funny - you have your mock-LJ account to point over here to Blogger and I have my LJ account pointing to GJ.

Terra Carlson said...

um, this is me, earthmoon :P Didn't realize Blogger knew I was logged in....oh, right - it's all Google now and Google knows I'm logged. I can't keep any of this straight :D

Of course I use LJ to point people to any posts I make on my Blogger account for cause, you know, LJ is where its happening. Why do they have to be a buncha ijits? It's so convenient there :P