Friday, September 21, 2007

The Big Garage Caper

So, in the olden days (um, yeah, like LAST YEAR), my DH was able to park his car in one bay of our garage, while the other side was used for storage. Then, last August, I did some major clutter clearing in the house, but wasn't yet ready to let go of many of the items. I chose to keep them in the garage, rather than forcing release or using the crutch of a storage unit. My sweetie understood that, but made it clear that he would really truly like to be able to park in the garage again.

So, OK, I made that happen. Then, my mom died. And I did want a couple of pieces of her furniture, a large upholstered chair and a dresser (from childhood). Those had to be put in the garage, since more decluttering was required before they could be usefull in the house. And again, no parking for you DH!

Today, my dear CB came over to help me rescue the garage. In just over two hours, we transformed it.
Before (left bay and right bay):

Minivan full of donations!

My Precious kitchen tins! So sought after, so many eBay auctions, so don't need them!

Boxes of Priority Mail boxes I sent for in my eBay days. Going back to the PO.

A box of cds and one of lps that are, even as I type, at the used record shop!

The dumpload!

And the glorious after! (left bay, then right)


Monica said...

You go girl!!! You've given me added inspiration. :)

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo!! You've done it again! Way to go! kcn

Anonymous said...

That's great! You really got rid of a lot of stuff. Don't you feel better now?--James

Anonymous said...

Wow - that's a lot of work. Go you!

Anonymous said...

xoxo noey