Monday, September 24, 2007

Revenge of the Spice Cabinet

I got up the courage and I did it. And you know, once I got started, it was actually fun. There aren't really many juicy stories about this stuff. The items in the toss pile are old, stale, outdated, you name it. Just sit back and enjoy all my hard work!

Spice Cabinet Before
Top Shelf
Third Shelf
Second Shelf
Bottom Shelf
The pile of old and icky stuff!
Spice Cabinet After--there's so much space!
Top Shelf After
Third Shelf After
Middle Shelf After
Bottom Shelf After
Just look at the contrast between a bottle of dried peppers that had been sitting who knows how long and the lovely bright red ones on the right that my friend J gave me from his garden! Nothing lasts forever!
These noodles are supposed to be bright white, not an unsavoury shade of yellow.
So old that the rubber band had rotted off.


Anonymous said...

Don't you feel better? I need to do that, too. Meh. Just one more thing, right? -Linz

Terra Carlson said...

Aiiiiiiiiiiii! Your pictures give me the screamin' heebie jeebies! :P When Ian was teeny I went through a really ruthless Flylady declutter year. It was very traumatic because mess makes me hyperventillate...and yet I had no skills to keep things uncluttered so mess was inevitable. Since that year I've been addicted to getting rid of stuff (I'd rather live in my 200 sq foot yurt again, thanks!) and the very THOUGHT of having to deal with your amount of stuff makes me want to fleeeeeeeee! :D

You are an awesome and brave momma!

ruthiesc said...

Great job on the cabinets. Now if you can find some small lazy susan type cabinet organizers you can double your space. Also less rummaging around looking for stuff and knocking things over. I've found these lazy susans at Kmart/Walmart in the kitchenware area. There is a bottom level and top level connected together by plastic posts and they fit most standard cabinets. Great for spices and small items. Believe me ... getting these will really make you happy. Keep up the good work. I seem to have great skills being my mother-in-law's clutter buddy. Can straighten up her house like crazy. While all the time ignoring my own mess. Now that I have her organized guess it's time to get going on my own self.

katharine said...

I really like how you dove into that project. I think kitchen stuff would be easier than personal stuff, but you obviously had a lot of yourself tied up in your homey little kitchen and it must be nice and peaceful to have it tidy...although we both grew up in a kitchen that was small and cluttered but lived in and homey (and warm and safe, etc.) so there is also comfort in nesting clutter. I love how you wrote "so sit back and enjoy my hard work" in your introduction, you are a funny woman! Great job.