Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Little Bits and Pieces

I did a little putzy work yesterday, just making some space. Tidied up an area near my computer desk, where I have some open bins for current paperwork-intensive tasks. I found a stash & dash banker's box, which I think came from one of the cubbies underneath our dining room seating bench. Those can be dangerous. You think having more storage space will help you out, but nope, it's actually just a way to thoughtlessly accumulate more stuff.

So, this whole box was essentially the contents of at least one of the three cubbies. Old newspapers, crossword puzzles, letters and cards, empty padded envelopes. Letters from my mom to the kids (trigger tears, yes, and again writing this). Most of it went straight into recycling. The rest needs another pass, and then probably storage in a letters box.

* * *

The Little One started back at preschool today. I picked up my novel where I left off back in, um, yes, June, yes, that's it, June. Friggin' June! I'm a third of the way through a rough draft re-write, incorporating comments from my writer's group. They're all too darn smart and have too many good ideas. It's hard work, but once I get this done, they get to read it again and then one more pass before I send it out into the world.
* * *
Today, why don't you let go of one thing that you've been holding onto. That stack of newspapers, those books you've read once and didn't really like all that much, one mug from your coffee mug collection. Let it go. It'll be all right without you, promise!

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Terra Carlson said...

I remember my first HUGE decluttering push and the amount of stuff I sorted that was simply *recycling* Now why didn't that go straight to recycling to begin with? :P Oh, cause stuff SCARES ME and I stick it where I don't have to think about it. It made me kind of fanatic about chucking stuff - Mike is always saving things from me :P

I have to say living in 600 sq feet has inspired us even further. The only thing we need that we don't have enough of is shelving. The clothes & books are pared down to utter necessity....but they shouldn't have to live on the floor :D

Beautiful Saturday shaping up out there - hope you guys enjoy it!