Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Have Bins

Yes, I do. I bought a few more of my favourite ones (clear with snap lids), and they're waiting to be filled with excess toys. I've realized that the kids, especially the younger one, will play with anything. If it's out, she loves it. She'll turn anything into a toy. So, why keep so much out if it's all going to be played with?

In tidiness news, I tried a rug cleaner on our living room rug. It has some stains from spills, cat puke, etc. The rug cleaner didn't do a darn thing. The rug either has to be sent out or replaced. I am leaning toward replacement, with a darker coloured one. Anyone know a good place to get a 6 x 9 foot wool rug in the Seattle metropolitan area? I usually go to IKEA (hey, meatballs!), but it's a long haul from my house.


Anonymous said...

Try the Remnant King on 65th NW and......8th I think? Check them in the book. Anyway, we've always had good luck with them. We bought our floor rug in the front room from their Everett location for only about $200 (it's a 9 x 12!).


Willow said...

I was gooing to suggest looking online for a carpet remnant store. We bought our area rugs for a great price after my sil put me on to carpet remnant stores.

In Recovery said...

Do remnant rugs have bound edges?