Friday, October 19, 2007

Messy Kid Rooms: Part 1

Today I'm going to tackle Older Daughter's room. It isn't too bad, actually. Most of the mess was caused by Younger Daughter going in and tossing things around. But there are still excesses of random toys, bits of paper, books, games, etc. My goal is to fill a whole bin with excess from the room, wash or at least shake out the rug, and tidy the nook.

Above you see our starting point. But here are the positives!

She makes her bed every morning. She gets a quarter each day she makes her bed. Nothing wrong with offering an incentive!

Her closet is mostly tidy. The hanging "shoe holder" actually holds outfits that she makes up five or so at a time. Saves so much time and angst in the morning!
Shoe basket on the left, garbage in the center, laundry basket (actually an office-sized garbage can) on the right.

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