Friday, August 29, 2008


I dropped off a couple of bags of donations at the Goodwill yesterday. Then, we went into the Goodwill.

I had three items on my list and, amazingly enough, found all of them. Jeans, a copy of the Associated Press Stylebook and the latest version of Writer's Market. I did buy two extra items not on my list: a copy of the revised version of Stephen King's "The Gunslinger (Dark Tower I)" and a boxed presentation version of The Bible.

Older daughter really wanted to buy something. She has a chess set and backgammon set on her list. She found a magnetic combination set, with all the pieces. But, I vetoed it. The price was high, the quality low and the magnets would have fallen out soon. She was disappointed. But I'd rather she learn to save her money and look for quality than spend it on something that will break soon.

Younger daughter was happy to play with the toys and only uttered a token "wah" when told I wouldn't buy the electronic gizmo she wanted.

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