Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Reader, I went to Target

and I brought the kids.

It had been a few months since I went there. My list was the curious mix that Target is well-suited for. I'd been reading a lot of negative stories over at The Consumerist and didn't really want to go there. But I wanted to go to Fred Meyer or Wal-Mart even less.

It was a den of temptation. From all sides, products beckoned. And then we visited the school supplies section. Mecca and nirvana all in one. Pens, paper, pads, pencils, Post-It notes. All at reasonable prices. It took work to restrain myself. Heck, we weren't even there for school supplies--the kids' school hasn't sent a list!

It is a two-story Target and we had to visit both floors.

Here's what we bought. The list is from memory. That tells you something. The total came to about $56 and I had a couple dollars' worth of coupons. We got a lot, everything on the list with a couple of extras (the Bic pens, but I had a $1 off two coupon, final price about $.70 for both packs with the tax)

2 sets of 5 spiral notebooks @.50 each
1 package of notebook paper @.50
1 package Bic purple stick pens @.89
1 package Bic clear pens @.69
1 Ban deoderant 2.59
1 package of two rolls paper towels, Target brand @ 3.49
1 box of hair color, L'Oreal $7.89
1 package Fruit of the Loom kids undies @6.99 (but sign said $5.89, so I had to haul the kids all around the store to prove the price and then back to the cash register. Was it worth it for $1.42?)
2 packages juice boxes @4/$7
1 set of two kids belts @7.99
1 pair little kid chinos @7
3 boxes granola bars @2.18 each
1 geometry tool set @1.29
1 package index cards @.47
1 box colored pencils @.62
1 pencil box @.69


paisley penguin said...

I know which Target you are talking about. That is my preferred one. Sounds like you did pretty good on the school supplies front. :)

Goldie said...

Nice post..! Well, I too always prefer to shop at Target for affordable school supplies.